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Gupta Girls 

The Favorite News Man Contest is full of Groupies. They are made up of different people who worship the different newsmen so here is a little bit of info on the different groups.

First here are the Gupta Girls. The Gupta Girls are the coolest and most attractive of all the groups. They are really very powerful fairies that wonder the internet making it more beautiful by slashing pictures of their master's face all over the web. Gupta Girls Members Include:

1.Sunshine 2.Sindhu Kumar 3.Pinkpanther 4.Guptamouse 5.Sweet 6.katiesmom8991 7.Paula 8.Georgia Peaches 9.Yellowjeep

Billy Babies 

The Gupta Girls are in a big war right now with Billy's Babies, which are pictured below. You will notice that the Gupta Girls are much more attractive than Billy's Babies are. The Billy babies are Jealous so they make snide remarks at the Gupta Girls, but we all love each other. The Billy Babies have bugs in their group. You will note that Bill Hemmer likes to ride bugs. You can see him riding one now. GO BILLY GO!!! Tame that Grasshopper!!! Some of the Billy Babies names include:
1 Scarlet Termite 2 Jet 3 Lovetoad 4 backwards 5 Leprauchn 6 Pat 7 Steve Hathcock(We'll Call Him A Billy Buddy)

Anderson's Angels 

And than there is Anderson's Angels. You may see a picture of one of Anderson's Angels below. As you will note the Gupta Girls are still much more attractive than Anderson's Angels but Anderson's Angels are lovely and they have nice wings too. At least they can fly. The Billy Babies can't. Ha Ha!!! Anderson Angel's members are:
1 Wai Lin 2 Manda Panda 3 Doraemon

Dan's Dames 

There are also Dan Abram's females we call them Dan's Dames. Some of them are out of town and we are wanting for some of Dan's dames to check in at the Favorite News Man Contest. If you will notice the Gupta Girls are still much more attractive and defiantly more cooler than Dan's dames. The thing about Dan's Dames is they think they are warriors. They ride around on ponies with wings and they are usually bare chested and have a lot of weapons in their hands. Unlike the Gupta Girls and Anderson's Angels they can't fly. Be afraid!!! BE VERY AFRAID!!!
1 Patty 2 a ga-ga girl

Lester Lovers 

Then there are Lester Holt's lovers. We call them Lester Lovers. They like to sit on top of rocks and sleep. That is probably why the Gupta Girls will beat them in this contest. Their Members include:
1 Saraya 2 Shar'rea 3 Sara
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