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Sara a True Devoted Lester Lover 

I am the third Lester Lover. I am his girl. Don't take my Lester cutie! I love that cute picture of Lester. He is very cute. I think Lester Holt is pretty fun to talk to about news. Shep can be fun too. Well Lester is so fun to watch on TV. He does well on Weekend Today, MSNBC, and filling in for Matt Lauer and Ann Curry on Today show. He got us to watch NBC News and we are singing his praises. So ladies of Lesterwood get yourself some sexy Lester and the world will be happy. Oh, Sexy Lester, Give us some time to get us ready for fun and we can get the party started as soon as Weekend Today and Lester Holt Live is on the air.

Ann: Hey Thanks for that Comment Sara that was sweet. I noticed you voted for him in the Favorite News Man Contest at Infohunks. I will make sure this comments makes the Website too.
Sara: MY FAVORITE NEWSMAN IS LESTER HOLT! Sexiness and drive are two of the main points of this man. He can start a commotion with WEEKEND TODAY and his program on MSNBC but can stay humble with the male fans. The girl fans are just crazy like me about Lester. I vote for Hottie Holt!
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Saraya: My favorite Newsman is Lester Holt! He's always well prepared and can keep a story interesting. He's proven he can be the serious anchor and at the same time have lots of fun covering the lighter/fun stories as co-anchor of the Weekend TODAY show. I think he's VERY nice to look at and he has a great sense of style...IMO, he always looks like a million bucks
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Shar'rea: My favorite news man is Lester Holt. For the best news their is watch for him on Fox news.animated cartoon lion head






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