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Anderson's Angel's Truly Love Their Master.

Sunshine: I adore Anderson Cooper. I think he is hip and hot. He knows how to make his show entertaining. Even those I am in love with his nose and a few other body parts on the man, I love the rest of him too. He seems to have his show moving quickly in a fun fast manor and it is always a trill to watch him. animated flower growing



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Wal in: My favorite news guy is Anderson Cooper because he makes watching news interesting and entertaining. It's entertainment! his humor and wit crack me up. And did I mention that he's hot hot hot?animated mirror ball





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Manda Panda: My favourite news man is Anderson Cooper. Hands down. I'm not ashamed to say that I adore the man, some would even go so far as to say that I worship him. If it wasn't for Anderson I probably would have slept through the war in Iraq, and I don't think I would have ever imagined that my daily schedule would ever include watching an hour of CNN. Now granted, when Anderson and Dr. Gupta get together I melt and most of my voluntary functions cease and I start to drool uncontrollably, but I have to stick by my previous statement. Sorry ladies, but Anderson's really the only one for me :-)

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Doraemon: My favorite news man is no other than Anderson Cooper!! He makes watching news so much fun and interesting!! The best is the "Nth Degree" he does at the end of each show...always good for a laugh!hopping frog animated gif




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Kim: Anderson Cooper gets my vote for the Favorite News man. He's the coolest thing on legs. Cute as a button too.



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