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We love you Shihab!!!

Ami: Although I don't watch CNN much, witch turning to a frog animated giffrom what I've heard, read and (so little) seen so far, I like seeing Shihab Rattansi on screen delivering the news and corresponding with other reporters. He has a strong charismatic presence on camera and I am almost sure that off the camera he's also got a great personality. His accent is also very nice to hear. It's quite sexy.



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New newsguys.
frog catching fly animated gifGuava: They're new to me anyway. I'm intrigued by all the names flying around in the comments, especially some of the ones I haven't heard of before. So here's my little effort to be more informed and aware of the many news hunks out there.

Fair or foul, I would definitely welcome a weather report from Guillermo Arduino. I hope I have the chance to see him on tv sometime. He sounds great too - here's an audio sample from a 2000 weather story for your listening pleasure.

Alessio Vinci, CNN's Rome Bureau Chief, Chief Hottie that is. What a jawline and from the looks of it, great taste in ties. All three of these guys have very nice eyes too. Click on their names for the bigger pics provided by CNN.

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Shihab Rattansi looks mighty fine in pinstripes, according to his second ever fan page. I'm on board with the mighty fine part and will have to reserve judgment on the pinstripes until I can get a closer look.

Thank you to the commenters (Vic and Ami and probably others of you too) who brought these gorgeous guys to my attention. There are a couple more names I noticed in the comments and would love to know more about, but it is getting late and perhaps you who've actually seen and admired these news dudes on tv would be better qualified to post about them. I can only hope!

Sunshine: Kris Osborn is a doll. He looks like a supermodel in some of his pictures, but I also believe he is a very hard working reporter. I think that cause I saw him on CNN standing out in a hurrican recently. He's very HOT!!!
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Ami: Other than Rattansi, I suppose I highly favor Bill Hemmer and Alessio Vinci. I don't really know much about Bill Hemmer, because I can't see him (I don't live in the US) but I've read enough articles about him to know that he's got great potentials to be my favorite. Then there's the fact he looks like my favorite singer and footballer combined, so I'm making him one of my favorites. As for Vinci... let's just say I admire his linguistic skills (I like him best when he mixes up the languages he knows! ^-^). Besides, he's cheeky. Cheeky goes for me. :)

Vic: My favorite news man is Alessio Vinci because no one else seems to like him. =P aligator walking animated gif

Kidding aside, I really admire him because he chose to establish his career in an environment where he doesn't use his first language (but instead, his *fourth*). I know it's difficult, but he still manages brilliantly.

(And it also really helps that he's sexy, available, and traumatized. ;) )

Italians do it better. =P

(Okay, and maybe Shihab Rattansi too because he's sweet. ;) )

butterfly animated gifMistress76uk: Shihab Rattansi is my favourite newsanchor on CNN :). He is truely gorgeous, has fabulous hair and dresses immaculately. Perfection. Others I like are(who are very sweet)Alessio, John D Vause, Richard Roth, Ben Wedeman and Robin Oakley.